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Golden Mindset Rules for Authentic Business Success

Have you ever felt the pressure of starting your day just right, fearing that skipping your morning rituals might cause you to have a "bad day"?

It’s time to challenge that belief and debunk that myth for good!

In this article, we'll uncover why true success goes beyond rituals and how focusing on internal growth can lead to lasting achievement.

Ready to shift your mindset?

Here's the map:

Golden Mindset Rules for Authentic Business Success - Personal development & Mindset Shift for Business Success
Personal development & Mindset Shift for Business Success

Your success comes from within - not from "rituals"

(unless you've sold your soul, but that's another story!😂IYKYK)

Let me say it loud and clear...

Your business success doesn't depend on whether or not you journaled or meditated this morning

In case you tend to feel nervous when you skip your morning journaling or meditation and think "things won't go your way" let me raise a red flag here...

This is fear-based and can become a kind of "superstition"... and this is never a good sign!

And guess what? If you think your day didn't start well, you'll be focusing on what's not going well, reinforcing the idea that it's because your didn't meditate or journal...

Here you have it: the personal development pitfall, the trap of "manifestation rituals"...

The truth about why your success doesn't rely on your morning routine is that routines and rituals can be counterproductive when you get attached to them emotionally and depend on them!

Despite following meditation, manifestations, and journaling to a T, your business might not thrive. Been there!

Success isn't tied to external rituals. You're okay if you missed your morning meditation, really!!! It's not a prerequisite or a condition for success.

Building successful habits should empower you and make you feel expanded, not induce guilt, fear or nervousness. Anything that makes you feel nervous or guilty for skipping is a red flag! It's fear-based.

True success comes from within - from your connection with God within, your soul - not rituals!!!

So if you've been doing "all the things" and you haven't seen any results yet, you need to question your deep--rooted beliefs and how you see yourself, your identity!

If there's an energy or a subconscious belief that has associated success or money (or even love) with danger at some point in time in your life, that's what you need to look at!

So if you feel you've been working hard without seeing your desired results proportionally to your efforts, doubling down on rituals or meditation won't help!

There's simply something that needs to be shifted at an energy and subconscious level - it's as simple as that!

If you've been feeling "stuck" in one specific area and feel you're almost there, then a breakthrough session is for you!

In one session, we'll shine line on what's been holding you back and of course shift it (otherwise, what's the point, right?) so you can keep moving forward without carrying the weight of old limiting beliefs!

This is what my Client C said after one session during which we cleared mindset block (including 2 major traumas) preventing her from talking fearlessly about what she has to offer - within the next hours she enrolled 2 clients in her workshop and this is what she said in her email that I received 7 hours after our session:

"Thank you so much for our session today. It was amazing! I truly feel my insides are operating from a different sense of being. I actually made two calls (...) I felt like I was showing up from my heart and my soul and I was not afraid of what to say and I did not criticize myself after the call that I may have said the wrong thing or the wrong way. I know it is because of my session with you and how I feel now after the session that these phone calls went well and were well received. I do feel I am operating from the center of my human being, who I am, who I am meant to be, without any reservations of who I am or how I am. I will keep reading your email to remind me of what to say and how to breathe so I may keep this beautiful new sense of being active inside of me. Thank you again so much for all you do and all you are"

Her testimonial:

I had an amazing private session with Morgane Rose. She is so gifted. My focus was to do some inner work to help me move through some blocks that were preventing me from moving forward with my goals. Well, I got so much more than I thought I was going to get. Not only did we remove these blocks to help me perform more optimally, but we also removed 2 very big traumas, and some old limited beliefs holding me back from sharing my gifts with those who are in need. If you are ever wondering about whether energy work may help, I highly recommend giving yourself the gift of time with Morgane.

Break free from limiting beliefs holding you back and create success from within now!
Break free from limiting beliefs holding you back and create success from within now!

9 Golden Mindset Rules for Business Success

These are rules I have been applying for several years now and I often remind myself of these when I need to.

1. Staying in the now, taking stock vs time traveling in your head

Now is the only moment that exists. The past is past, you can't change it, you can only change your perspective and perception of past events by observing in the now.

Projecting the past into the future (aka "time traveling in your head") isn't productive and won't lead you anywhere.

The future hasn't been created yet in this physical reality, the future is a succession of "now" moments, so it's about making the most of the now to create a brilliant future!

Basically it doesn't matter if you think you have failed in the past in your business, what are you doing NOW to learn from it and move forward?

2. Everyone goes through hard times, they're part of life

The key here is to accept that life isn't always unicorn and rainbows and not get caught up in "what if" questions. Things happen, business can be hard, but everyone goes through this, you don't need to make yourself wrong for it or judge yourself. Things are. It's about choosing what you want to do, how you want to react or respond to circumstances that will make a difference in your business.

3. There's no "perfect" way of doing things

Have you heard the saying "All roads lead to Rome?" (or maybe that's only a French idiom that I just translated thinking it's an English one too? Anyway...)

There's not one right way of doing things - as a matter of fact, there's not ONLY one way of doing things. Period.

If you think there's one way and all other ways are wrong, then this comes from an "all-or-nothing" mindset and this screams childhood trauma (ask me how I know... been there myself... think about unpredictable behaviours from parents - no judgment, it is what it is)

Long story short, do your best in everything you do and think in terms of solutions instead of focusing on the "problem".

4. Everything happens for a reason

There's always something leading to something, right? So, what's the lesson from it?

How can you use this or that experience for your business success?

When you take the point of view of the Observer (the "O" in my famous R.O.S.E. Framework), you detach emotionally and observe with neutrality -> this is when it becomes interesting because you can see the bigger picture and not make it mean anything about yourself personally.

5. Honor your heart and feelings

Always stay true to yourself even if others don't agree with you or have other plans for you in their head.

What matters is YOU, it's your life, you and the plan that your soul and God have for you.

Other people's opinions don't pay the bills. So whatever you want to do in your business, do it, mmmkay? OK! :)

6. Don't underestimate your potential or skills

In other words, you can achieve anything you set your mind to and always remember that if you have an idea that makes you happy and feels expansive, trust it! Your heart won't lie to you, this idea was placed in your heart by God.

7. Surround yourself with people who want the best for you

No one has time for toxicity, right? Ok I get it, it's not always possible to cut people off your life just like that, if you can, do it. If not, learn what you can say to whom.

It has nothing to do with being hypocritical or fake, it's about learning to meet people where they're at because at the end of the day, like I say, others' opinions don't pay the bills and no one will walk through life in your shoes and no one will solve your challenges for you.

Your energy and your soul are a precious resource, spend your energy wisely with those who value your time and company.

8. Weaknesses are not negative and you can always improve

What you perceive as a weakness is not necessarily a weakness, we all have a unique set of skills and we all have the potential to improve what we feel we need to.

And there are 2 questions to ask yourself:

  • do I want to improve because my mind is telling me I'm not "good enough"? (because in that case, this is a limiting belief and just something made up by the mind, a conclusion your ego/defense mechanism jumped to but that's not really founded on true and relevant facts)

  • do I want to improve this skill because I notice I could gain more knowledge/practice in this specific real-life situation?

9. Life is a personal and unique adventure, don't compare yourself to others

Everyone is unique, with a unique skillset, a unique upbringing, a unique story, a unique set of limiting beliefs, etc. you get the point.

So comparing yourself is useless because no one has lived your life, no one has gone through what you went through.

Get rid of comparisonitis, like yesterday, ok? ;-)

If you need support to shift some limiting beliefs and boost your mindset to improve your business, book your breakthrough session here and let's get you to move past this block that's currently preventing you from making more money!

I'll see you soon!

Take care,



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