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Copywriting Coaching for coaches, therapists, consultants and course creators selling the invisible | Morgane Rose Coaching

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Attract perfect-match clients with a soulful killer copy that converts them for you

Imagine doubling your conversion rate, breaking through 5k/month and building durable success without working harder!
That's what I'm here for!👇

Is this you?


You're a coach, therapist, consultant, course creator, or artist selling the invisible.


You're currently feeling stuck around 5-8k per month and would like to break through to 100k per year without spending more time creating content and doing "all the things".


You're not sure how to effectively articulate why you're THE expert your ideal clients *should* hire yesterday!

You're tired of sales calls that lead to little conversions - or worse... no-shows (complete waste of time! 😱) and you wish your copy could attract YOUR people and repel those who don't vibe with you...

Basically, you want to:

  • step up your client attraction game,

  • double your sales page conversion rate (feeling proud and confident when you share your website link) and

  • be equipped to break through to 6-figure years without sacrificing precious moments making memories with your loved ones!


Sounds like what you want? Awesome!

It all comes down to:

💥 speaking to your ideal clients’ desires in a way that activates them

💥 positioning yourself as the go-to expert so they see why you’re THE ONE who can help them

💥 selling the invisible in a way that’s crystal-clear and make you people want to work with you yesterday!

In other words: it's about writing a killer copy that’s crystal-clear and makes it a no-brainer for your people to work with you.

And that's exactly what I'm here to do so you can focus on your zone of genius (because writing sales pages and content that convert is my zone of genius!)

Hi, I'm Morgane! Your all-in-one copywriting coach!

Why I can help?​

  • Full time business owner since 2016, I know a thing or 2 about business (I've learned what NOT to do so you don't have to do it 😂)

  • I can write in a way that sounds like you (intuition is a real God-given gift!)

  • You are UNIQUE, as your copywriting coach, I have a unique and proven blueprint: my R.O.S.E. Conversion Framework and my Magnetic Method!
    (because cookie-cutters belong in the kitchen) 

What my happy clients are saying

Elyse, Singer/Songwriter (UK)

"Morgane is my ‘go to gal’ I go to when I need help with something in my business that I cannot fix.

You can rely on Morgane for full support and clarity, as she explains exactly what she is doing and why, so you learn as well and become super empowered.

If you are looking for assistance with a business challenge, and would like top notch professional assistance, then I highly recommend Morgane to help you with ease, joy and fun!"

Are you next?

Let's craft a website copy that converts and content that (pre)sells so you can break through to 6-figure years and finally have that financial freedom!

But wait!
If you think writing your copy is a pain in the derrière, I can do it for you!

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Mindset & Copywriting Coach
Any questions? I got you!
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What else?

COMING SOON Copywriting Done For You

Contact me if you need it NOW!

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