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Refine your offer & message

Refine Your Message & Offer


  • stand out from your competitors,

  • clearly explain the results you offer, and

  • establish a solid marketing foundation to create content that attracts, deeply resonates with your ideal clients and converts!

You're working hard, posting content on social media, maybe also blogs and podcasts, but you're struggling to:

  • clearly express what you do, maybe you're unclear or misaligned with your "title" and need to refin eyour mission statement

  • showcase the transformations that you bring to your clients

  • define your idea client

  • stand out from your competitors

  • align your prices with the value of the transformation that you bring to your clients

  • convert prospects into clients

If you nodded "yes", then you're in the right place!

This service is designed to:


  • Refine and clarify your offer and message:
    We will review your sales page and your offer(s) to ensure they directly speak to your ideal clients and highlight the results you deliver, thereby establishing a solid foundation for attraction marketing and conversion (attracting clients to you, instead of fishing for them and sending cold messages).

  • Write compelling copy:
    We will work on attention-grabbing formulations and on techniques that make your message impactful and engaging, so that your ideal clients can identify with it, clearly see how you can help them and of course want to book with you! (of course, always with authenticity and integrity!).

  • Align with your business & marketing goals:
    Together, we will define the actions to take to create content, elevate you rimpact and income, so you can meet your business goals.

This is for you if:

  • you're a business owner who delivers personal transformations / "intangibles" results
    (ex: wellness coach, life coach, consultant.e, course creator or a coach in the fields of personal development, emotional mental and/or spiritual transformation, or an artist who struggles to express the value of their art)

  • you already have an offer or at least an idea and you want to bring it to life or refine it together with me

  • you just want to clarify your offer and message, you don't necessarily need mindset work, or to shifting limiting beliefs about yourself or about money (if you need support with mindset rewiring and clearing money blocks, in that case "Elevate your impact" will be more adapted to your needs)

  • you need a fast solution and you're ready to take and receive a neutral (yet benevolent!) look at/on your offer and message 

  • You're open to receiving suggestions that I might bring, even if it means going out of your comfort zone and change your approach to marketing (you of course always make your own decision, I will never impose anything of course!)

Megan - Healing Facilitator

"I can't say enough good things about Morgane and the amazing session we had. Marketing has always been a struggle for me because it often feels like you're just playing on people's insecurities. But Morgane changed all that. She showed me a different approach that feels authentic and empowering, allowing me to market in a way that aligns with my values. Thanks to her guidance, I've gained skills that not only will take my business to the next level but have also transformed my relationship with it. I highly recommend Morgane for anyone looking to embrace marketing in a positive, genuine way."


  • 90 minutes together via Zoom to refine/review/adjust:

    • your ideal client avatar

    • your "title"

    • your offer / sales page

    • your overall message

  • No need to take notes, the session will be recorded (except if you don't consent) and I will sent you the recording (you'll have 15 days to download it to your device)

  • 2 weeks of support via Google Doc: you can send me the copy that you'll have reviewed following our session as well as any marketing content you'll have created - through "comments" I will give you a detailed feedback and will bring suggestions with explanations if needed (no superficial remarks - we go all in!)

  • Launching price: 155 euros until May 31st
    (prices increase up to 222 on June 1st)

Any questions? Contact me here

By the law, I need to state that any sessions/services booked within the 14 days following your payment means that you can't exerce your right of withdrawal.

I'm looking forward to assisting you in refining your offer and message so you can set solid marketing foundations, attract your ideal clients and convert with ease!

See you soon!


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