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Copywriting coaching

Refine your offer & message

Refine Your Message & Offer

Breakthrough session to:

  • Authentically stand out as an expert and attract ideal clients

  • Increase your sales page conversion rate to 50%

  • Create your next 2 high-ticket clients in the next 3 weeks or less

  • Are you a coach, consultant, therapist, course creator, or artist selling the invisible?

  • Do you want to double your sales page conversion rate and elevate your message so that people become pre-sold when they read your content without minutes of reading it (vs days, months or weeks)?

  • Are you tired of no-shows and wasting time on sales calls that lead nowhere?

  • Are you ready to attract ideal clients and repel those who aren't a good fit with your content?

  • Struggling with content that doesn't convert or bring people to your DMs, despite its quality?

  • Tried ads but saw no results?

  • Want to 2x your income without having to create more content and post 3 times a day and bring in more clients with more ease and simplicity than ever before?

If you nodded yes, you're in the right place! 😃

​Together, let's craft a killer copy that:

  • clearly expresses who you help and what you do so you can attract the right audience - YOUR high-calibre Tribe !

  • positions you as the go-to expert by showcasing the incredible transformations you bring to the table so your leads know immediately why YOU are the one who will get them results!

  • is clear, specific and potent, making it a no-brainer for your clients to see exactly what they will get from working with you and are happy to pay you

  • doubles your conversion rate so you can spend more time with your clients than doing marketing (seriously! your nervous system will thank you!)

  • sets solid foundations so you can create content that does the heavy lifting and pre-sells your offers for you while you live life and make beautiful memories with your loved ones (including your pets!)

Let's use words to convert prospects into clients so you're abundantly paid for sharing your genius with the world without spending countless hours on social media!

This service is designed to help you achieve all of the above ☝️ by:

Capturing your standout factor

We'll translate your unique strengths, values and gifts into words so you can stand out as an expert in your industry, making you irresistibly attractive to your target audience - with integrity and authenticity!

Crafting a compelling copy that attracts and converts effortlessly

We'll review your target audience, offer and sales page to bridge any gap and ensure consistency and clarity so your offers are a no-brainer for your ideal clients who'll be like "OMG! YES!" *grabs credit card*

Setting solid attraction marketing foundations

You'll have a content bank so creating content that converts becomes a no-brainer - no need to spend hours looking for inspiration. Your time is precious, let words do the heavy-lifting for you!

This is for you if:

  • you're a coach, therapist, consultant or course creator who delivers personal transformations / "intangible" results or an artist who want to express the value of your intangible art

  • you already have an offer (or at least an idea) you're passionate about and you want to refine it so it sells effortlessly

  • you're an action taker and need a solution to elevate your copy with a no-fluff (yet benevolent!) feedback

  • You're open to receiving suggestions that I might bring, even if it means going out of your comfort zone and changing your approach to marketing

Megan - Healing Facilitator

"I can't say enough good things about Morgane and the amazing session we had. Marketing has always been a struggle for me because it often feels like you're just playing on people's insecurities.

But Morgane changed all that.

She showed me a different approach that feels authentic and empowering, allowing me to market in a way that aligns with my values.

Thanks to her guidance, I've gained skills that not only will take my business to the next level but have also transformed my relationship with it.

I highly recommend Morgane for anyone looking to embrace marketing in a positive, genuine way."

Miss A - Spiritual Mentor

Before working with Morgane I lacked clarity around my messaging and felt stuck and uninspired.

During our call she untangled so much for me, I could clearly see the results my clients get from working with me and what makes it uniquely me.

I had the biggest problem putting the intangible into words but as I started working with her I learned how. In a way that makes sense, is clear and inspires without watering things down or sounding too 'spiritual'. She really helped me to find joy again in creating content and showing up on social media.

Whenever I had a question or doubt, she took the time to give her tips and ideas, I felt really supported. I can highly recommend working with her!


  • 90 minutes of copywriting coaching together via Zoom​

  • No need to take notes, the session will be recorded (you'll receive it shortly after our call and have 15 days to download it to your device)

  • 2 weeks of support via Google Doc: you can send me your reviewed copy as well as any content you'll be creating to get a detailed feedback with suggestions and explanations if needed (no superficial remarks - we go all in!)

  • 222 euros

Any questions? Contact me here

By the law, I have to state that any sessions/services booked within the 14 days following your payment means that you renounce our right of withdrawal.

I'm looking forward to assisting you in refining your offer and message so you can set solid marketing foundations, attract your ideal clients and convert with ease!

See you soon!


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