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I'm here to ensure you never have to experience sweating from discomfort and lose yourself in word-yogurt again when asked about your business...

and trust me, I used to be a yogurt Chef!

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I'm like you, an empathic, multi-passionate business owner who used to struggle with my messaging.

Ready for some story-time with Morgy? Grab a drink, I'll wait :) 

When I started my business (back in 2016), I started offering energy cleanses and energy healing services.


I know how powerful it is, I know how it can help everyone in every area of life...

(Me: hello intangible results, can I have your names, please?

Intangible results: "Figure it out! PS: you might want to believe in yourself more and ditch impostor syndrome, then come back to us")

I had no idea about marketing, how to niche, how to talk about what I do because to me it was obvious.

My marketing strategy back then? “I do energy healing. It helps with everything you can think of and it can improve your life. And I'm also a coach, so that can help too.” 

And I’m barely exaggerating (saying this with self-love towards baby-business-owner me!)

Also me to my friends: "I don't understand why I'm not booked out"... Because I was indeed "doing all the things"...

But here's the truth... (and I know you're nodding like "yep, same, sis, same")

I was afraid to sound pushy / sales-y or "only interested in money" (and I know you also want to work with integrity and honesty, you DO care about people's time and money).


I had a fear of missing out if I would niche down.


I had no clear messaging.


The results I was delivering were huge from day 1 of my Business, but I was holding back.

And yes, you guessed it, when I'd be asked what I do or what my business is about, I would start praying the "Deodorant God" not to give up on me, I was uncomfortable, afraid of sounding weird, like I was bragging, afraid of being judged.

I was holding back and playing small... And I know you do too!

And that, my friend, is not how it's supposed to be!

And I can help because I've been there myself!

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It's time to break free!

It's time to silence the imposter syndrome that's making you doubt, play small, afraid of not delivering...
It's time to stop undercharging and over-giving from a place of lack!
It's time to value your time, position yourself as an authority
(and yes, you can still over-give if you want, but from a place of overflow!)

Yes, it's possible to heal impostor syndrome, to feel worthy of being abundantly paid for your expertise and the value you deliver to the world.


You started a business because you wanted out of the matrix.

You wanted to be able to live the dream.

You wanted to impact your community and inspire your people to create ripple effects.

Your business is not a hobby, it's your way of earning a living with authenticity and integrity and it's time you felt legit.

I have completely transformed my life and I know how to help you do the same so that you too can thrive!!!

Let's clear the root cause of impostor syndrome so you can feel confident and legit to own your skills.


Thanks to energy-infused copywriting, you'll be able to articulate your skills and showcase your impactful results.

I'll help you by tapping into your soul gifts, enhancing your zone of genius so you can give yourself permission to do what sets your soul and heart on fire!

So what to do from here?

Check out my services and if you have any questions, there's an FAQ but of course, you can contact me any time!

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