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Ditch impostor syndrome & improve your marketing as a business owner

Impostor syndrome is that boring internal voice whispering, "You're not good enough." and all kinds of negative self-criticism that isn't productive.

For many business owners, especially those who offer intangible transformations - for example service providers in the industries of personal development, emotional healing, mindset coaching, life coaching or even spiritual healing - this voice can be incredibly damaging.

It can slow you down in your business and affect your marketing big time - especially when it's not something you particularly enjoy to begin with!

In this blog, I'll share my personal journey with impostor syndrome and offer practical tips to help you overcome it and truly own your genius.

Here's the map:

Business mindset, marketing & copywriting blog
Business mindset, marketing & copywriting blog

What impostor syndrome is really telling you & how ditching it can help you market yourself

Tell me if you can relate...

I remember it well - being awake at 3:33 a.m.👀🦉 - the endless questioning, the feeling of not being/doing enough, thinking I needed to work harder to deserve success (even if I knew better).

Imposter syndrome had me in its grip, and I thought business strategy could fix it. So I started diving into the rabbit hole, chasing one strategy after the next...

Spoiler alert: it doesn't work 😅.

NOTHING external can bridge the internal gap you're feeling!

But here's the good news: after years of healing, mindset rewiring, and soul-searching, things shifted.

Wanna know how?

1 - Realizing Impostor syndrome is a symptom, not a cause!

I realized there was nothing wrong with me.

Imposter syndrome is a symptom of deeper wounds—NOT the cause of our struggles.

And of course, no external strategy can fill any gap or heal any wounds.

--> Takeaway: There's nothing wrong with you, don't make yourself wrong.

2 - Realizing it's a sign that you're playing small and you're meant for more

I started looking inward as I finally saw what needed to be taken care of.

I shifted my beliefs, healed my trauma and discovered the extent to which I had been playing small and holding back!

Impostor syndrome was not telling me that I was a fraud - that's a story that my mind made up because of deeper wound.

In reality, it was my inner guidance trying to show me where I wasn't fully embodying my full potential.

--> Takeaway: You could see your impostor syndrome as your soul / your subconscious catching your attention on the fact you're not fully unlocking your potential, and simply pointing where you're not being fully yourself.

When you allow yourself to step into your authentic self and unlock your potential, you gain so much self-confidence! Marketing yourself becomes easier!

Why? Because you know you're meant for more and you're owning your genius!

3- Realizing we're blind to what's familiar

I stopped seeing myself as a fraud and started embracing some of my unique skills, which I had been blind to for so long.

You see, when something feels natural to us, we don't always realize it's a skill, especially if we have limiting beliefs around that specific skill.

Despite being complimented on my writing skills time and time again, and despite having written a dozen of personal & spiritual development ebooks years ago, I never fully embraced the idea that I could be "legit" and use these skills to create a thriving business.🫣


Because I had identified with the belief that "I hate marketing" for far too long. (we all know how tricky limitings beliefs can be!)

(Plus I was a healing facilitator so it never occurred to me that I could mix the power of words & of inner transformation😳)

But as I delved deeper into rewiring my own subconscious identity, I began to realise the profound impact that words can have on our lives & business.

I saw how a well-crafted message could inspire, motivate and transform the lives of those who read it.

🔥That's how I uncovered the next step of my journey, my true purpose - to help others find their voice and share their gifts with the world.🥰

--> Takeaway:

Your limiting beliefs can make you blind to what is natural to you, therefore you don't realise that skill as a skill!

This shift led to a mind-blowing epiphany: I began to appreciate marketing - even after years of thinking it was manipulative and sleazy.

Turns out, it can be:

💜 Authentic, genuine, and aligned with your values.

💜 A powerful tool for sharing your message and connecting with the right people.

💜 A source of empowerment and fulfilment when done from the heart.

If this resonates with you, I'm here to help you rewire your belief system so you can confidently talk about what you do and have fun with marketing too to attract your ideal clients!

The good news is that it won't have to take your years (like it took me) because I've walked the path and I know exactly which trap to avoid and which stone not to leave unturned.

So if you're ready to:

✨ overcome imposter syndrome,

✨ confidently talk about how the intangible results you deliver can help your people who need it the most

✨ do all of this☝️ in a way that feels good, authentic and aligned with your value

Then I'm here to support you! Reach out via this contact form or book your free strategy call here, let's find a new approach to your biz!

Break free from impostor syndrome and reach new levels of business success!
Break free from impostor syndrome and reach new levels of business success!

4 steps to overcome impostor syndrome

Here are some steps that helped me conquer impostor syndrome and own my genius:

1. Rewire your mindset:

Recognize that the voice of doubt doesn't define you.

Start by acknowledging your achievements and celebrating your wins, no matter how seemingly small - a win is a win! :-)

2. Embrace your unique talents:

What you do may seem ordinary to you, but it's extraordinary to others.

Make a list of your unique skills and reflect on how they benefit your clients.

3. Have/build a support system:

Surround yourself with like-minded people who encourage and uplift you. Having a supportive network can make a world of difference.

4. Set Boundaries:

Impostor syndrome often leads to overworking and undercharging. Learn to set healthy boundaries with your clients (and with your own mind when it starts telling you negative stuff) and value your time and expertise.

Ready to elevate your impact?
Ready to elevate your impact?

The magic that unfolds when you own your genius

When you own your genius, you become more confident, you have clear boundaries and you stand out to attract your ideal clients.

You no longer feel the need to play small, to hold back or second-guess your abilities.

Instead, your energy radiates something magnetic that draws people to you, like Winnie the Pooh is drawn to honey :-)

People see you as an authority and want what you have to offer!

Ready to confidently showcase your skills and impact?

So I heard you desire more clarity and certainty in your business…

Let’s chat about how my solution can help you achieve that (and more!), shall we?

It's all about taming that pesky voice of doubt 🥱that's been creating distractions and holding you back from tapping into your intuition and focusing on what truly matters.

Here's how we'll do it:

1 - To begin, we'll work on identifying and understanding that voice of doubt (you know, the one that likes to chime in just when you're about to make progress 😏).

💎 By shining a light on those negative thoughts and beliefs, we'll take away their power and create space for clarity to emerge.💡

2 - After that, we'll dive deep into the depths of your intuition, that wise inner voice that knows exactly what you need and where you're meant to go. 

Through a series of exercises and techniques (my E.A.S.E. method - Energy Alignment for Success & Empowerment), we'll help you tune in to that intuition, quieting the noise of the outside world and finding solace in the silence within.

And in case you’re wondering, we’ve only just begun 😂. 

3 - We'll also work on developing strategies to silence your mind and focus on the tasks that truly matter.

Whether it's through mindfulness practices, visualization techniques, or good old-fashioned time management skills, you'll have the tools you need to cut through the clutter and hone in on your priorities.

4 - Now it’s time to create a plan that's tailored to YOUR unique needs and goals. 

With a clear mind and a focused vision, you'll be able to move forward with confidence and clarity, knowing exactly what steps to take to bring your dreams to life.

So if you're ready to quiet the voice of doubt, tap into your intuition, and focus on what truly matters, I'm here to help. Let's clear away the distractions & doubts and uncover the clarity that's been waiting for you all along.

Check out my service here: Elevate your impact

or reach out anytime via this link to send me an email or book your free strategy call.

With love and golden sparkles💖,



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