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Unlock your skills & embrace your life purpose for a thriving biz

Welcome to this new blog that will help you unlock your skills & embrace your life purpose for a thriving business!

Unlocking your natural skills and stepping further into your purpose for a thriving business

I’ve heard a lot of people say they wish they knew what their natural skills were (what I call “soul gifts”) or how they could develop their natural abilities so they could step further into their life purpose, their soul mission.

To me, unlocking your soul gifts is the key to unlocking your full potential and stepping further into your life purpose. And when you follow your life purpose, you’re in alignment and you get to thrive!

Here is the map of this article:

So make yourself comfortable, grab a nice warm drink and let’s dive in :-) 

Unlock your natural skills (your soul gifts) & embrace your life purpose for a thriving business
Personal development and mindset blog

All you need to know about your "soul gifts" or natural skills?

First of all, everyone has soul gifts.

Everyone has a unique combination of abilities, talents and what I call “your own magic", that is to say your energy, your spark, what you bring to the world, your uniqueness.

Natural skills / soul gifts are a unique combination of different experiences:

  • The knowledge and experiences that you have been collecting through different lifetimes and realities, which you’re not consciously aware of (or partly).

These can play a role on your tastes in this reality and what comes more naturally to you, compared to other people.

For example: maybe you have always been more intuitive, you have a natural knowledge of an instrument or of a language that comes effortlessly to you compared to other things you might learn.

  • The knowledge you’ve inherited from your ancestors

  • The knowledge you have acquired in this incarnation since your birth

To put it simply, your innate abilities are the gifts your soul has chosen to enhance for you to experience in this lifetime.

They are anything that feels easy and natural to you.

Things for which you don’t have to make much effort and it comes easily. Things you naturally know how to do or know about without knowing how you know.

It can also be something that lights you up, something you are enthusiastic about or inclined to learn more about.

It is your TRUE self, your ZONE OF GENIUS.

Elevate your impact
Elevate your impact

If you need help to tap into your zone of genius and articulate it confidently, I got you!

Check out my service ELEVATE YOUR IMPACT.

The "trap" of labels when it comes to natural skills

Oftentimes, people want to know and actually they want someone to tell them what their soul gifts are - absolutely NO judgment here, I went through that myself at the beginning of my journey, I totally get it!

It can be a trap because labels can become a trap if you let them define you.

Yes, we need labels to define ourselves in daily life, what we do in life for business purposes, marketing, etc.

However, once the ego / mind identifies really strongly with labels to the point that you let your whole identity depend on a label, then you’ve trapped yourself in a box (ex: yeah I’m like that because I’m a <insert zodiac sign> or <insert any label> so I can't change that), then the label can. become a getaway.

So even if you identify with what you do (ex: I’m a healing facilitator, I’m a coach, I’m a <insert profession>) don’t let the clichés of whatever you do to affect or limit you in any ways.

You can change any traits of yourself or any expected role that you want to change, from a place of self-love and self-improvement.

Also, when you receive help to unlock your natural skills, make sure not to give your power away to your helper.

So now, you might be wondering “But Morgane, why are you saying this while you to help us unlock our natural skills?”

Thank you for asking indeed! Yes, I do but it’s not about me sitting there, looking in a “crystal ball” and coming up with a random noun to define you. 

What I do is help you REMEMBER and UNLOCK what is already within you.

We do this in my Unique Service ELEVATE YOUR IMPACT, during which we deal with energy, mindset and articulating your message through energy-infused copywriting.

Click HERE to check it out!

I’m here to guide you, ask questions and to hold space, as a witness of your own epiphanies, so that when/if self-doubt would kick in at some point (good ol’ ego trying to rationalise everything, right?), you’d remember the moment of the session, the energy and your emotions as a marker.

By “marker”, I mean a point in time when you believed and KNEW, and someone was here to encourage and support you to see it and to trust yourself.

We can also explore what’s standing in your way and remove subconscious and energy blocks as well as fears holding you back from embodying your skills.

Everything is within you, I’m not giving you permission to be this or that, I’m here to help you give yourself permission to remember & be who you are :)

If you're interested, I'm inviting your to check out my ELEVATE YOUR IMPACT service.

What I have learnt about unlocking your natural skills

So here I want to share with you various lessons I learnt from unlocking my natural skills, what I call soul gifts:

  • Even if you’re not consciously aware, your soul gifts are within you and playing a role in your life that you can’t fully see (yet!)

  • When you have something important to understand, the Universe and your inner guidance will “conspire” in your favour for you to understand, you will meet the exact people / catalysts you’re meant to meet

  • What sets your soul on fire can be found in childhood: dreams, aspirations, hobbies, everything your innocent young self was naturally inclined to (before society, family, etc. taught you differently and told you how to act, who to be, etc.)

  • You are an unlimited being, your set of gifts keeps being uncovered and unlocked as you go and grow

  • Unlocking your soul gifts is life-changing, in my case, I went from executive to business owner and the more I unlock my skills, the more my practice and my business evolve.

  • It's a journey back to yourself.

Podcast episode: thoughts and tips about soul gifts: click HERE

This was a spontaneous / unplanned chit-chat that came up in June 2022 when I was taking a walk in the forest, I was sitting on a bench, writing in my journal and I felt the sudden "urge" to record and share my thoughts, so I just let words come through and here we are :)

Grab a drink, make yourself comfortable and enjoy the forest vibes, click here to listen :)

Something feels flat in your business? The answer is within!
Something feels flat in your business? The answer is within!

The reason why something feels "flat" & you need more excitement in your business

  • Does your business feel flat, like something is missing or out of alignment?

  • Do you feel like you have outgrown your services or that the "spark" has dimmed?

  • Do you need more joy or to get your enthusiasm back?

Here's why:

Your soul is crying out for more, catching your attention for you to dig deeper and look within so you can unlock your soul gifts and your full potential.

How do I know? Because I went through that!

Some things used to be fun but they became draining and not exciting anymore!

So of course, I questioned myself and wondered what was "wrong" (pssst don't do that, that's self-gaslight!)

Even if I’ve always been utilising my soul gifts in my business, it was time for me to up-level and develop another aspect. I had outgrown some of my "old" services that I had been doing for 6 years... and this year as I’m in my 8th year in business, the same thing happened! We’re growing!

And it's ok... We're here to experience different things and reconnect with our intuition more and more because there's always possibility for expansion.

When this happens, it doesn’t mean you’ve been out of alignment before or that you were “wrong” - it simply means you’re expanding! And this is something to celebrate!!!

Why you haven't unlocked more of your innate skills in your business and life

We grow and expand all the time, each level (or season of life) requires a skillset.

The more you grow, the more your skillset expands and the more you awaken new gifts or skills within yourself.

You are already using some of your skills of course, but here, we're talking next-level expansion.

We're talking about being unapologetically you and stepping further towards your desires and your next-level success.


Here are 3 big factors that are playing a role (subconsciously, most of the time)

  • Societal beliefs

That voice telling you that you need to conform and be "professional" (whatever that means) or correspond to an image that others have of you (I insist on the fact that it can be subtle and subconscious)

Family programming, for example if you come from a family where everyone has a corporate job, you might have heard "being a business owner is hard", get a “normal job” or you need to make “rational” decisions vs listening to your intuition/following your heart.

Maybe you’ve heard “money is the root of evil” and now you’re a business owner and you’re afraid of being seen as unrighteousness for making money (subconsciously, once again!) because the primary needs we have as humans is to belong to the Tribe, we fear being rejected.

This leads us to my next point…Fears, like the fear of being judged, rejected, abandoned, fear of being lonely in your private life but also fear of what your potential clients/audience would say if you’d allow yourself to voice your opinions, what you’re pivoting into…

It all comes down to one thing: how you view yourself in the now and not letting past wounds, false beliefs or fears affect your vision of yourself in the now.

  • Your mind’s role

Your mind (also the subconscious mind) wants to protect you.

To use an analogy, it works like a database, collecting memories and analysing painful past experiences. 

But what was true in the past might not be true anymore. And it’s not because something happened in the past that will happen again.

Therefore, to keep using the same analogy, you need to update your database in the now and realise you’re safe no matter what. That the past is past and now is the only moment that matters.

  • Fear is normal

Let's talk about fear... It’s ok to feel fear, it's human, we all go through it all the time, especially when we evolve.

Fear shows up before every major breakthrough. Of course, most of it is not conscious... those things are held in our subconscious or energy field (because everything is energy, right?)

You might not identify it as fear per se, but it's a fear-based energy disguised as nervousness, feeling stuck, …procrastination or however it shows up for you - we're all unique, even if we share common patterns.

Whether it is fear of being judged, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of being “too much” you name it! We ALL go through these things!!!

But you know what? It’s ok to be afraid, it simply means you're a human being... that's all it says about you! Fear is inherent in human nature! There is no need to feel bad, to judge or to shame yourself for feeling this.

What matters is what you do with the fear!!!

Feel the fear, even if it feels uncomfortable and keep going :) 

Fear comes from the mind, you can break free from the mind’s limitations and unlock your gifts for more peace and alignment to accelerate your growth, your business growth and increase your impact and success.

And I can help you! Check out my Elevate Your Impact Service, together we clear what’s preventing you from unapologetically owning your unique skillset and articulate your unique gifts and the unique results you bring to your people!

Break free from societal beliefs and the mind's limitations
Break free from societal beliefs and the mind's limitations

6 signs it's time to unlock your innate skills and unleash your potential

  1. Feeling frustrated with your business, career (and life in general), sometimes a bit of resentment

  2. Feeling there’s something bigger out there or “at some point in life” but not seeing how to reach it

  3. Feeling you’re missing something deep within yourself, like a void (PS the void is an illusion, it’s just your wisdom calling for a shift)

  4. Feeling stagnant, you’ve reached a plateau

  5. Things you used to enjoy are becoming a bit dull, you need more depth (almost like a craving) and you want your excitement back

  6. You see others thriving and as happy as you are for them, you wonder what’s wrong with you, what you’re missing because you’re working hard but things feel slow

When you embody your true nature and reconnect with your soul gifts, you are doing yourself (and your Tribe) a favour.

Success is your birthright, so is prosperity. Having your own business and the success of your dreams is also your birthright.

You are allowed to create anything you want and to be whoever you want.

Why not embody the Highest Version of yourself?

Break free and sky-rocket your business success
Break free and sky-rocket your business success

6 reasons why unlocking your soul gifts can sky-rocket your business success

Yes, you heard me right! As you unlock more of your skills, you step further into your authentic self. You expand as a human being and also in your business, you become more magnetic.

Here are 6 reasons why unlocking your soul gifts can help you expand your business.

  • You become a leader seen as an expert, an authority in your field

By allowing yourself to confidently embody your gifts, you encourage others to do the same. You lead by example, showing others what's possible for them too. You create the change you want to see in the world by impacting your people.

Even if you provide intangible transformation and you know that every one is unique, you trust that you can deliver results and you confidently talk about what you do.

  • You become more magnetic (and it has nothing to do with "woo-woo"!)

Increased levels of self-confidence, self-acceptance and awareness, you now validate yourself even more, you therefore attract new opportunities, new clients, new contracts and situations that are aligned with the new version of you. Your people will find you and will want to be in your energy space (icing on the cake: what isn’t aligned anymore will fall off by itself) You glow from within and inspire others

  • Deeper sense of wholeness and fulfilment

You’re stepping into an even more authentic version of yourself. You feel more balance and it becomes easier for you to set healthy boundaries. You finally dare give yourself permission to step out of your comfort zone (where nothing exciting happens anymore) for more “magic”, and because you have your own back and accept yourself, you feel unstoppable - the sky is the limit!

  • You break limiting beliefs and recurring patterns

Since you’re expanding, your energy, ways of thinking and habits are changing, you feel more joy and peace, you have more creative juice flowing, more inspiration, more focus and clarity. Therefore, you become more aware of the old patterns that don’t serve you anymore, buh-bye procrastination and other self-sabotage patterns - no more seeking outside for inspiration or solutions, you’re your own powerhouse

  • Accelerating your journey to success

You have a new sense of excitement, your enthusiasm is back, you can now accelerate your journey to success, whatever your goals are. You unlock more emotional and mental freedom, which leads to more freedom in your physical reality (including financial freedom)

  • Deeper knowledge for a higher and broader perspective

You gain more knowledge and understanding of yourself, which allows more compassion for yourself and others, your practice gets deeper, You understand the bigger picture and you don't take things personally anymore.

And to add a 7th reason, I'd say you have more FUN in your business and life! :)

personal development, energy and mindset work can help you unlock your natural abilities and overcome impostor syndrome
personal development, energy and mindset work can help you unlock your natural abilities and overcome impostor syndrome

5 signs that you're gaslighting yourself and denying your talents?

Here are 5 signs of self-gaslight and impostor syndrome:

  • You say or think things like “I’m not normal”, or “there’s something wrong with me”,

  • You think you “should” be more this or less that (ex: emotional, sensitive, rational)

  • You wonder if you’re legit or if you’re “making that up” and questioning your intuition

  • You deny your knowledge or abilities (or at least a part of it), you need more “proofs” that you’re legit and things that “make sense”

  • You minimise your qualities and question yourself

Usually self-gaslight and self-doubt happen when you're about to breakthrough, just like fear (because these are actually by-products of fear...)

5 Signs you’re beginning to remember your soul gifts & what to do to welcome the new you

Here are the 5 signs I want to talk about:

• You notice "new" abilities showing up naturally and suddenly Your intuition is getting stronger, you feel more creative juice... it could be anything...

Something you weren’t aware that you enjoyed is coming to the forefront. Or maybe you knew you enjoyed but didn’t feel legit or didn’t realise you could use this skill in your business.For example: you're on a business call with a client and you can tell what they're feeling before they tell you; you think of someone before they message you...

Notice that I wrote "new" between quotation marks because they have always been within you, you're starting to remember them consciously at this moment of your life.

• You feel resistance or control from your mindIt could be both resistance and control experienced alternatively for some while some might experience either resistance or control.

You either tell yourself you need to "hide" this aspect that is not rational, what will people/clients say? No one has ever seen that side of you so your mind is trying to put you "back into the box" so you can match the label that you/others have put on your forehead.

Or on the contrary, you're super enthusiastic and are trying to put a label on them and comprehend these natural abilities with your mind (which can create blocks if you try to hard…)

• A series of events or situations will occur to make you realise what you need to realiseThis is a big one I have experienced, some "unusual" circumstances kept happening (ex: for me, injured wild animals would find their way to me and I’d instinctively put my hands on  them and they’d recover super fast and run or fly away).

This is due to the fact that your Higher Self (the All-Knowing aspect of you, your inner wisdom…) want to catch your attention because it's on your path to remember such a specific aspect of yourself and ability. Your attention will be drawn and that's also when you learn that coincidences don't exist, you experience pure alignment.

• You feel a shift in the energy, like a new you with new opportunities, a new level of awareness.

You're starting to see the world/life through a new lens, you're not sure how it happened, as if you had stepped into a new timeline (=reality =vibrational frequency) and pssst you have! The old is gone! :)

• A renewed sense of excitement, wanting to try new things and explore.This is what I call "playing the mad scientist” :) and I love it!

That's when you actually dare go out of your comfort zone because you thought "I have nothing to lose, but everything to gain!" since you realised that it is more painful to stay stagnant than to actually go out there and venture to new horizons.

This is a calling, your Higher Self is showing you the path. You might have moments of "holy guacamole, what am I doing?" but you know, you trust yourself, it feels good and aligned, so you do it anyway - and you're right!

Embody your new and authentic self
Embody your new and authentic self

So what to do to welcome the new you?

How many times do we tell ourselves "what if <insert worst case scenario here>?" and how many times has this question been productive or helpful? Probably never! (so this is more a what not to do...)

Embrace it, don't suppress your true nature and if you're feeling a block, it means you're close to a breakthrough, hold on tight!

I suggest you journal about it, write everything that comes up. Maybe as a child someone shamed you or tried to dim your light, telling you that you had to "behave" and "be like other kids" (something like that... basically some childhood wounds...) it means they're ready to be healed.

Be there for yourself and journal it away.

Here are a few personal development journal prompts:

  • When was the first time I felt judged or criticised for expressing my uniqueness? What happened? What can I say to comfort this past version of myself?

  • If I let go of any self-judgment and of other people's opinions, who do I want to be?

  • What can I do to become this version of myself?

If you're experiencing resistance or control, if you need a boost and guidance on your new path, I'm here to empower you and help you remove unseen blocks so you can balance your energy and fully integrate your gifts for your next level!

Here is what you can achieve when you unlock your soul gifts - Client testimonial

My client Sandra (NFT Blockchain Consulting, USA) was 100% ready to shift and let go of what was holding her back from unlocking her potential that she knew she had.

This powerful lady just needed help to see the unseen and guidance on how to remove what was standing in your way. And that's exactly what we did during her session.

Here is Sandra's testimonial and the results she had after only one session:

"After a session with the wonderful Morgane, I was finally able to embrace my self worth, understand how valuable I am and immediately starting to attract that which is seeking me.I think is incredible what we were able to accomplish in just one session. I feel liberated and I feel all my channels free flowing.  I am so thankful to Morgane for such a powerful way to break the spell I was in. I highly recommend Morgane for any kind of emotional release and to clear blockages in your energy field just as she did with me. Thanks a million Morgane for my new discovered way of being."

This is what you can expect when you choose yourself... and when you see the type of results my clients get after only one session, imagine how it could be for you too! And imagine the results you can get after Unshakeable - my 8-week mentorship.

I would love to have a conversation with you.

I'm inviting you to a free 20-minute call during which we will talk about how you could reach your desired results.

The goal of this call is for you to get clarity on your next steps and I'd love to connect with you!

I hope you enjoyed the information and resources I provided in this article and I'm looking forward to connecting with you,

Take care,



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