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Transform your copy and elevate your mindset for business growth

Transforming your copy (whether it is your website, your social media content, your blog posts...) and elevating your mindset are the keys to unlocking significant business growth.

If you're struggling with imposter syndrome and unclear messaging, it's time to take a step back, observe and refine - and that's exactly what we're going to do in this blog article!

We're indeed going to talk about how to improve your sales page, clear resistance, and trust your skills to attract your ideal clients and elevate your business to your desired level of success!

Here's the map:

Transform your copy and elevate your mindset for business growth | Business mindset & Copywriting Coaching Blog Article
Business mindset & Copywriting Coaching Blog Article

The ONE game-changing step that will boost your clarity and confidence

Spoiler alert: Auditing your sales page and mindset is THE game-changing step that will help your business growth.

Let me explain... but first, I want to ask you:

If you were your own potential client - a total stranger - landing in your world for the first time, reading your posts and your sales page:

  • would you have a clear idea of the benefits and results you'd get by joining your specific program or session?

  • Do you feel your sales page is clear and potent?

  • Would you be tempted to join your own offer?

  • Do you feel legit?

  • Do you feel satisfied of your copy?

If you answered no to any of these questions, it's totally ok!!! I've been there myself.

Now let's get to the next step...

When you read your sales page or posts:

  • Did you cringe?

  • Did you feel resistance? (You know, that emotional and/or physical discomfort you can happen to feel feel when you think about or engage in marketing yourself. It can manifest for example as a tightness in the chest, a knot in the stomach, or a general feeling of unease or dread...

  • Did you hear a little nagging voice saying negative stuff (hello, imposter syndrome!)?

  • Did you feel any sensation in your body?

If yes, here's what you need to do:

1) Clear the resistance around that specific sentence that gave you weird feelings or sensations when you were reading your copy.

You're probably wondering "yeah cool, thanks Morgy, but how am I supposed to do that?"

I got you!

This resistance is usually rooted in fear, so it's about identifying the fear in question: fear of rejection, fear of sounding salesy, or fear of not being good enough...

It's that inner voice that questions your worth and capability, making you hesitant to put yourself out there and promote your services or products.

When you identify the cause, it's brought to your consciousness. Once you're aware, you can consciously talk yourself through and stop making yourself wrong for these feelings, which leads to the 2nd step.

(PS: If you need help to clear resistance to marketing yourself, I'm here to help you with a Business Mindset Breakthrough session - this is a pure mindset work session to clear deep subconscious blocks and limiting beliefs)

2) Journal about what caused that resistance and the story that your mind attached to it, for example: a bad memory, a remark someone made...

In other words, reflect upon what you made it mean about yourself.

Then jot down all the reasons why this is not true.

Then write what is actually true!

3) Trust your skills in your area of expertise by listing all of them and identifying what you need to believe in yourself.

4) Improve your copy by ensuring it's clear and specific.

Since you'll have read your copy through the lens of a total stranger, you'll be able to have more clarity around the gaps you need to bridge - then do exactly that!

These steps will help you audit not only your sales page but also your mindset and how you feel about your skills and what you do.

If you need help overcoming imposter syndrome, clearing resistance, and clarifying your offer, I'm here for you to "Elevate your Impact" because I used to go through everything I just talk about. Let me tell you a brief story...

The first time I read my sales page from a stranger's perspective, my immediate answer to the question "would I book a session with myself and are the results I'm providing clear?" was, "f*** no, I don't have a clue what I'm talking about..."

I lacked clarity on the results I was providing (I was too broad), I was talking to everyone (thus, no one) and I wasn't presenting myself as an authority in my field.

A lack of clarity impacts your confidence.

A lack of confidence impacts your clarity.

Which comes first? Not sure (it's a kind of "chicken-or-egg" situation, right?)

But I finally cracked the code, and now I can help you do the same! Check out my Elevate your Impact and let's take your copy to the next level and clear the resistance to owning your genius and presenting yourself as an authority!

Let's elevate your impact and copy for business growth
Let's elevate your mindset and copy for business growth!

Elevate your impact as a service-based business owner with this mindset shift!

Ready for a new perspective? <rubbing my hands out of excitement to drop the bomb>

But first, let me ask:

  • Do you feel scared of spending money or investing in yourself?

  • Do you wonder if there will be enough people to buy your offer and if they can afford it?

  • When faced with challenges, do you focus on 1) finding solutions or on 2) the actual challenge and why it’s happening?

If you answered “yes” to Q1 and Q2 and option 2 at Q3, it's time to say buh-bye to scarcity mindset and rewire for a prosperity mindset!

💫 Instead of feeling like success is a limited cake where one’s gain is another's loss, shift to the idea that there's more than enough for everyone. 🍰✨

Why does it matter?

When you approach your business with a prosperity mindset, you're tapping into unlimited possibilities and opportunities.

You're no longer afraid to share your knowledge, collaborate with others, or celebrate their successes.

You share from a place of overflow because you know that someone’s success doesn't take anything away from anyone else. When you see someone being successful, it's your proff that you can be too!

So, are you ready to shift your perspective and attract more clients, opportunities, and success into your life? Let's do this! 💪

Don't forget to check out Elevate your impact (in the 3-month program option, we clear "money blocks" and rewire for prosperity!!!)

Not sure? You can book your free strategy call here and ask all your burning questions 🔗✨

Does marketing feel icky and yucky to you? This is your proof that it can be fun!

Are you afraid of sounding salesy or pushy?

If yes, it’s because you’ve experienced the dark side of marketing ("bro marketing", "boss babes techniques" and “glorification of money wins” as the only wins 🤢).

What you’re seeing around you doesn’t feel aligned; it feels inauthentic and makes you feel like “it’s the only way,” so you’re trapped.

You feel like you have two options:

  1. playing the game (which feels awful and doesn’t work) or

  2. convincing yourself you hate marketing, resulting in playing small.

I totally get it, because I used to feel that way too! BUT THAT'S NOT THE TRUTH!!!

So, if that’s you, here’s the third option:

Learn about what makes you different and create an offer and a copy that is crystal clear.

This means creating solid foundations for attraction marketing and making any strategy work.

  1. Feel good about your offers and what you do. If you don't feel that way completely, marketing will be harder.

  2. Have clarity around who you serve and what you can do for your clients.

When you nail the mindset part and have clarity, the next step is your copy.

My client M was feeling good about her abilities to deliver results but lacked clarity on how to differentiate her offers, stand out, and talk about them. She had the same misconceptions about marketing as I did.

So, we refined who she was talking to and articulated the benefits and results of her work into simple, clear, and potent words. We simplified her offers and enrollment process so it’s a no-brainer for her clients to join. She’s gained a lot of clarity and got her excitement back.

She now has all the foundations to create her content.

This is what my client M said:

"I can't say enough good things about Morgane and the amazing session we had. Marketing has always been a struggle for me because it often feels like you're just playing on people's insecurities. But Morgane changed all that. She showed me a different approach that feels authentic and empowering, allowing me to market in a way that aligns with my values. Thanks to her guidance, I’ve gained skills that will not only take my business to the next level but also transform my relationship with it. I highly recommend Morgane for anyone looking to embrace marketing in a positive, genuine way."

So, if like my client M, you don't need support for your mindset but you want to reignite the flame with your offer and your business while setting solid foundations for marketing in a way that feels good and aligned with you...

I’m here to help you with my session "Refine Your Message and Offer":

  • 90-min via Zoom

  • Recording included

  • 2 weeks of support for implementation and in-depth reviews

This offer is for you if:

  • You deliver personal transformations ("intangible" results) (e.g., coach in personal development, emotional, mental, and/or spiritual transformation, artist who struggles to express the value of their art, consultant, course creator)

  • You already have an offer or at least an idea

  • You don’t need mindset work (if you need support with mindset and clearing money blocks, I have another service available)

  • You need a fast solution

  • You're open to receiving suggestions that might bring you out of your comfort zone and change your approach to marketing

Book it here, it's a no brainer and we'll be alchemising your copy (and have fun in the process!)

Need more info? Click here to read the full sales page!

I hope this blog was helpful!

I'm looking forward to assisting you in transforming your copy and elevating your mindset for your business growth to the next level!

Take care and see you soon!


PS: You're a beginner and want a no-brainer training to set solid foundations? I got you, click here for my 47-euro training "Clarify your message & own your genius to become magnetic" that will give you all the foundations that you need (and that 2016-me wishes she had!)


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