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How to refine your marketing message as a service-based business

Updated: May 19

If you're a service-based business owner struggling with self-doubt (good old imposter syndrome) and unclear messaging, you're not alone.

In this article, we'll talk about how everything starts from within: ditching self-doubt, helps you confidently speak about what you do, therefore communicate clearly, which leads to attracting your ideal clients and achieving your business goals.

How to refine your marketing message as a service-based business
Business mindset & copywriting go together like coffee and coconut milk :-)

Overcoming self-doubt and embracing your unique skills

I'm going to share my story to show you that you too can turn things upside down :-)

You see, I once stood exactly where you are…

Doubting my worth and my abilities. Navigating self-doubt and uncertainty was my reality.

But it was through my own journey of struggle and self-discovery that I found the inspiration to develop the solution I offer you today.

What sparked this transformation, you ask?

Well, it was a combination of factors.

Firstly, I realized that I had become the person my past self would have needed during those dark and confusing times. I had walked the path of uncertainty, and I knew firsthand the struggles and challenges that come with being an empathic business owner.

But there was something else that drove me to develop this solution - something that caught me by surprise.

You see, I had always been complimented on my writing skills, but I never truly believed that I could turn those skills into a legitimate business.

Why? 2 reasons…

1️⃣ Because I had spent far too long identifying with the belief that "I hate marketing."

2️⃣ Because I thought it wasn’t what I was supposed to do since I had struggled with marketing at the beginning of my business journey, I didn’t even think I could help someone.

(can you see the loop and the self-fulfilling prophecy there? The belief that was reinforced by the reality I faced in the past, while all I had been lacking from the start was simply self-belief)

It wasn't until I delved deeper into my own healing journey that I began to see the potential that laid dormant within me.

I realized that my words had the power to inspire, to uplift, and to transform - not just for myself, but for others as well.

And it was through this realization that I uncovered the next level of my journey: my true purpose - to help others find their voice and share their gifts with the world.

So if you're struggling to see your own worth or if you’re hesitant to embracing your unique talents, know that you're not alone.

I've been where you are, and I'm here to guide you through the fog and into the light.

Together, let's rewire self-doubt and limitation and create a life that truly reflects the gifts you have to offer to your Clients and the Truth of who you are.

Check out Elevate Your Impact now!

Elevate your impact AI-generated image
Elevate your impact

The importance of clear communication in marketing and business

Here’s what communication is not👇

Communication is not just a buzzword for couple’s therapy…

💎 In the online marketing space it’s a NECESSITY to clearly communicate.

❌ You see, it's not just about putting words on a page

✅ It's about crafting a message that resonates deeply with your audience, capturing their attention and emotions in an instant (and of course, always in a way that’s authentic and with integrity!)

So why is it so important to clearly articulate your message?

Well, thanks for asking my friends 😃, let me tell you.

When you can clearly articulate what you do and the value you bring to the table, you become a magnet 🧲 for your ideal clients.

They see you, they hear you, and they know without a shadow of a doubt that you're the one they've been searching for - you hold the key to accelerate their journey!

❣️But wait, it's not just about attracting clients - it's about creating deep, meaningful connections that last a lifetime.

When your message speaks directly to the hearts of your audience, they feel seen, understood, and valued. And that, my friends, is the golden key to building a loyal Tribe who can't wait to work with you.🔑

So if you're ready to get crystal-clear on your message and take your business to the next level, I'm here to guide you every step of the way.

💎 Let's define your crystal-clear message that makes you stand out and attracts your dream clients like Winnie the Pooh is attracted to honey.🐻🍯

You have 2 ways to get started:

  • My no-brainer 55-min training titled "Clarify your message & own your genius to become magnetic" can help you get solid foundations for your marketing message if you're a beginner or you're pivoting, you can find click this link here

  • 1:1 session to refine your message & offer to help you stand out from your competitors, clearly explain the results you offer, and establish a solid marketing foundation to create content that attracts, deeply resonates with your ideal clients and converts!

Silencing imposter syndrome and gaining clarity

Imagine this👇

✅ You've redone your sales page and you’re finally feeling satisfied with it

✅ You’ve posted on Instagram and sent an email to your email list.

In this moment, you're filled with a sense of peace and excitement, knowing that you’ve done what you were supposed to do and you’re exactly where you're meant to be. 😃

But suddenly, fear and insecurity are showing up.😱

The voice of doubt whispers in your ear, "you sure? why would it be different this time?", maybe you’re not where you’re supposed to be after all... 😩

😔 Can you tell it’s imposter syndrome showing its ugly face once again?

I get it! I really do! The number of times “baby CEO me” has been through that is too much to count…🙄

But now? It’s a whole different story!🥰

So, what changed, you might ask?

I learnt how to:

- silence the impostor by uncovering what was hiding behind it and rewiring my belief system

(spoiler alert: the veil was lifted and I saw more of my potential - because impostor syndrome was a negative story my mind was telling me while in reality, I was playing small and hadn't uncovered some of my potential)

- step into the next level of my life purpose and gain crystal-clear clarity on how to express it.

And that’s why I can guide you through the depths of your subconscious and your God-given soul gifts (in a joyful way!) to uncover your genius and help you emerge stronger than ever before.

Through my own innate gifts of energy and subconscious healing, we'll dive deep into what hides behind imposter syndrome, lowering the voice of self-doubt and insecurity that have been holding you back so you can feel lighter, freer, more aligned with your true nature.🥰

But our journey doesn't end there. No, my friend, it's only just begun!🤩

Together, we’ll also use the power of words - simple yet impactful, authentic yet powerful - to articulate the intangible transformations you deliver with your unique gifts as a coach, wellness practitioner, course creator or artist.

We'll paint a crystal-clear picture of what you do (with words that sound like you), capturing the essence of your work so you can confidently share it with the world.

And as your sales page and content will be redone, this time, you'll know deep in your heart that you are enough, just as you are.

Icing on the cake: this will be the foundation of your messaging!

So let's dive in and heal old wounds so you can emerge stronger, shine brighter, and with more confidence than ever before.

Your next-level success awaits, and so do I, I'll see you inside Elevate Your Impact

Contact me for any questions of your free strategy call!

Take care,


Business Mindset & Copywriter


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